Getting Students Engaged 
“Positive outlook is contagious. I felt like i wanted to know more about the subject because she wanted and liked to teach it.” (Rhetoric of Pop Culture, fall 2017)
“Dr. Edgar is extremely knowledgeable about this subject as evidenced by the mini-lecture material. Admittedly, I didn`t have much of an interest in this subject prior to enrolling in the class. It took me a couple of chapters to really get into it but I attribute her mini-lecture and discussion board topics to completely turning it around for me. I liked having the feedback board as another place to communicate and get further clarification.” (Media and Information Literacy, online, spring 2018)
“very enthusiastic about the course, very friendly, used very interesting and fun topics, made the class so interesting and fun that I was disappointed to be done. I wish I could take this course again for credits. It was super fun! I loved the videos. Dr. Edgar was awesome!!” (Media and Information Literacy, online, spring 2018)

Organizing and Structuring Courses 
“I love Dr. Edgar. She was so organized and always stayed on topic. She made sure we understood what she was teaching and made it very relatable so it was more interesting. Loved the class and the professor!!” (Media and Information Literacy, fall 2017)
“Very organized and informative course. The quizzes and reading checks were quite helpful in knowing what to study, as well as the lecture notes. The lecture printouts were also helpful in following along during lectures. I enjoyed this class.” (Media and Information Literacy, fall 2017)
“I can honestly say that Prof. Edgar is one of the most passionate professors in the Communication Department. Her courses are always clean cut and relevant to mainstream application. She is young, hip, and her teaching style is refreshing.” (Rhetoric of Pop Culture, fall 2017)

Offering Straightforward Explanations 
“Really good at making lessons interesting. She is very straightforward in her teaching style. Very understanding of circumstances.” (Media and Information Literacy, fall 2016)
“She was genuinely interested in the topics that she was teaching and went out of her way to find outside material that was relevant to our lessons that would help to relate it back to us. Definitely an effective teacher, made things as easy to understand as possible and facilitated a fun learning environment.” (Media and Information Literacy, spring 2018)
“Very kind, organized, stayed on topic, very practical teaching that challenged the students to apply it to their actual life, and open to opinion and is able to share her own.” (Media and Information Literacy, fall 2016)

Crafting Enjoyable Projects 
“I love Professor Edgar as a person and a teacher. She is very engaging and came up with really interesting projects for us to do to apply the media and identity theories we learned in class. I would take one of her other classes if I ever got the opportunity.” (Honors Forum, fall 2017)
“The portfolio was really interesting because all the aspects that are vital to Media and Info Literacy were compiled into one extensive project. I liked how we had choices on most weeks because it allowed students to find ideas that they connected with the most. It also helped connect course ideas with life outside of the classroom which was a huge positive. And spreading it out over each week helped to have a better grasp on that week`s lesson.” (Media and Information Literacy, fall 2016)
“The assignments were unique and engaging--an excellent way to teach this subject. You were an enthusiastic and knowledgeable professor. I had trouble grasping the purpose and application of rhetoric at first, but you taught it very well and I now have a good understanding of it. I really enjoyed this class.” (Rhetoric of Pop Culture, spring 2016)

Making Content Relatable 
“I really enjoyed how Dr. Edgar made this course relatable and applicable to our lives. She allowed for class participation and input which helped with the learning process. Overall, this was my favorite class of the semester.” (Media and Information Literacy, fall 2016)
“This class is hard, but Dr. Edgar is the best professor in the COMM department. She is relatable and funny, and she takes teaching seriously.” (Rhetoric of Pop Culture, fall 2016)
“She made this class interesting for everyone and included many different aspects concerning the study of rhetorical analysis. This made is so the class didn’t get boring or repetitive.” (Rhetoric of Pop Culture, spring 2016)
“There was some really dense material but the professor was able to make it easier to understand and interesting during every lecture. She really cares about the students and if they understand the lessons. Extremely knowledgeable about the subject.” (Rhetoric of Pop Culture, fall 2016)

Demonstrating Care for Students 
“She is a great professor. She really takes time to actually teach the material in a fun way. She is always energized.” (Rhetoric of Pop Culture, fall 2016)
“Dr. Edgar is one of the best professors I’ve ever had. She’s very involved and enthusiastic. She genuinely cares if her students grasp the material. I would highly suggest her to anyone!” (Rhetoric of Pop Culture, fall 2016)
“Very passionate about the subject. Listened to students’ opinions on different subjects, and actively interacted with students during class.” (Rhetoric of Pop Culture, spring 2016)

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